The Fullers

Sherman and PJ Fuller are founders of VisionWalking, a program that empowers individuals to focus on achieving Purpose, Vision, and Mission in life! They are also founders of Forever Learning on Wheels (FLOW), a Non-profit 501(c)(3) that promotes education and tutoring services for individuals needing academic support. As authors, they developed a three-session course entitled “Walking in Your Purpose.” They believe this program is an answer to people crying out to know more about their purpose in life and having vision that aligns to God’s will.
Sherman and PJ Fuller have backgrounds as career educators, business owners, teachers, speakers, visionaries, authors, military retiree, and kingdom coaches.
Sherman and PJ both have master’s degrees in education. Sherman spent 25 years in the Army and retired as a command sergeant major. He has a bachelor’s degree in human resource management and a principal’s license. PJ retired with 20 years in civil service and has a bachelor’s degree in counseling and ministry, an associates degree in business administration, a bachelor’s degree in business management, a license in financial planning, and a teacher’s license in special education. They use their experience to empower individuals to discover their purpose and to be determined to have a clear vision for the season in life they are in.