Acts – Chapter 8

Persecution of the Church
11 August, 2019

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  1. Chapter 7 ended with the stoning of Stephen. Godly men buried Stephen and mourned for him as Saul watched. Saul (Paul) was part of the group that was persecuting Christians. Chapter 8 begins with the church being persecuted and disciples were scattered throughout Judea and Samaria.

    Saul (Paul) continued persecuting the church, going from house to house and dragging Christians out; putting them in prison. The church was going underground as a result of so much persecution.

    In many other countries, Christians are still being persecuted. Missionaries go to spread the Gospel and they often work with underground churches in communities to expand the work of Christ.

    Philip, another disciple chosen by the Apostles to help with the work, went to Samaria and performed many miraculous signs and wonders there. There was great joy in Samaria because of this.

    Simon the Sorcerer was practicing sorcery in the city of Samaria. He was constantly boasting that he was a “Great Power”.

    Philip was preaching the Gospel and many followed him and were baptized, both men and women. Simon, the sorcery, also believed and was baptized.
    Simon followed Phillip and was astonished at the great signs and miracles he witnessed. Philip was preaching the good news of the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is righteousness, love and peace in the power of the Holy Spirit. However, the people had not received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. They had been baptized into the name of the Lord Jesus (Acts 8:15-17). Then Peter placed his hands on them and they received the Holy Spirit.

    Simon, the sorcery wanted the ability to lay hands on people and they receive the Holy Spirit. Simon offered money to have this gift. However, Peter reminded Simon that his heart was not right before God as Simon was full of bitterness and captive to sin.

    What is amazing about this Chapter is how the disciples (Apostles) continued to go from place to place preaching the Gospel message. They did not stop. They were walking in the power of the promised Holy Spirit. They were transforming cities. The power of God was with them everywhere they went.

    Acts 8:26 “Now an angel of the Lord said to Philip, Go south to the road to Gaza.” I’m aware of Philip’s immediate obedience. Are we immediately obedient when God tells us to do something?

    Philip met an Ethiopian eunuch who was in charge of all the queen’s treasury. The Spirit told Philip to go to that chariot. Philip heard the man reading from the book of Isaiah, the prophet. Philip asked the man if he understood what he was reading and he told him he did not because he had no one to explain. Philip explained the passage he was reading and also told him about the good news and Jesus. The eunuch saw some water and wanted to be baptized. Philip baptized the eunuch and the eunuch went on his way preaching the Gospel in all the towns until he reached Caesarea.

  2. I’m reminded that joy is associated with salvation. (Acts 8:39)

  3. The Chapter ends with Philip in Caesarea. Philips next appearance in the Bible is 20 years later, and he is still in Caesarea! That’s an assignment. Have you ever been assigned to a location for 20 years?

  4. I’m amazed at how Simon, the sorcerer, was boasting about being such a “great power” but was trying to buy power from the disciples. (Acts 8:18-20)

  5. One of the keys to success is being baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. If this is something you need, please pray the pray below:

    Father, I thank you for Jesus, my savior, and I acknowledge Him as Lord and Savior. I repent for my sins and acknowledge that Jesus forgave me and that is why He died on a a cross that I might be saved. He took my sins on the cross. Thank you for the Holy Spirit and I ask now for the Holy Spirit to lead my life and help me to know who I am in you.

    Thank you for the gift of eternal life. Help me to be a blessing to others.

  6. People listened in unity and the supernatural happened at the preaching of the word. (the commanded blessing) verses 5-8
    The preaching of the Kingdom has more power than the trickery of sorcery. verses 9-11

  7. There are those who know of God but don’t fully understand his ways (His love and His truth). God enables us to go to them and explain/reveal those truths so they may understand and draw closer to God. Just like Philip did with the Ethiopian eunuch.

    1. Josh
      Yes. We pray for courage to be used by God even when it seems impossible.

    2. Josh
      Yes…Thank you for your wisdom.

  8. Alwaysbaritone
    Thank you for your comment.
    Unity is so important in Kingdom business.
    We don’t have to agree but attitude is everything

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